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WH-B2 Food Weighing Packing Machine

WH-B2 Food Weighing Packing Machine
  • Description
Product name : WH-B2 Food Weighing Packing Machine
Item : WH-B2
Details :
1.The units:
*Pouch packaging machine
*10 Mulithead weigher
*Z type material conveyer
*Vibration feeder
*working platform and shelf
*Finished products conveyer +check weigher

2. Main Features:
*Fully-automatically complete all the process from feeding, weighing, filling and pouch-making, date- printing to finished products outputting.
*High weighing precision and efficiency without crashing material.

3.Range of application:
*It is suitable for quantitative weighing of granule, slice, roll or irregular shape material such as confectionery, seed, jelly, fries, happy fruit, peanut, frozen food, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, pet food, etc recreation food, and small hardware and plastic parts, etc.

4.Main Technical Date:
* System output: 1300 ton per year.
*Packaging speed: 35PPM.
*Packaging accuracy: 0.2-1.5g(depends on the material)
*Packaging capacity: 10~6500g
*Operation panel: Chinese, English, Spanish, and Korean etc.
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